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40th Anniversary Coming Soon Expansion of Terminal Business and Further Evolution


Aimex will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2014.
Until now, we focused on barcode business and offered various scanners. Now, we are going to expand new terminal development business as a new big pillar.
“Easier to use, more enjoyable, and comfortable”
We are expanding our terminal development as a response to customer requests. We always believe that it is our mission to offer various products that suit to customer perspective.

Rely on Aimex


“Promote Aimex. Then, promote yourself. As a result product will appeal to customers.” That’s Aimex’s marketing style.
We do not just sell the products but the reliability that is earned over the years.
The peculiar characteristic of Aimex is not its products but the expert technology to make products as per customers’ wish and wide range of ideas.
We have professionals gathered from each field of designing, planning, manufacturing, software development etc. and by producing this team in addition to Aimex’s knowledge we believe that we can offer products that envision the future.
Therefore, we welcome alliances and partnerships. By adding the mutual merits, we can introduce an improved enterprise in exhibitions and seminars saying “We offer the best solution with “win-win concept” by shaping up the end user demands.”

Barcode scanner is a social infrastructure that supports life


There are other barcode makers also. However, to stand different among them, we not just offer our brand products but also modified products as per customers’ demands.
We do not only sell our brand but we strictly focus on offering the best products to match with the customer environment from a wide range.

To make customer workspace convenient and comfortable by Aimex products and use them as social infrastructure are our future visions.