Auto-ID Business

Technological skills and capabilities developed through experience

In 1979, we developed a reflex optical system for barcode scanners. Ever since, we are developing pen scanners, contactless scanners, CCD scanners, decoding softwares etc. and thereby accumulating technical knowledge regarding the barcode readers.
Also, we directly pick-up customer needs through OEM supply to the leading manufacturers, sale our very own brand products, export to the overseas customers etc., which we implement in product development.
To respond by focusing on the specialized usage or niche areas is the strength of Aimex which handles both development and sale. By utilizing the 30+ years of experience, Aimex offers its unique products and services.

As a pioneer of Mobile Barcode Scanners


The use of iPhone/iPad, Android terminals, such as smart phones and tablets in business is increasing. When these smart devices are used for business, the mobile barcode scanners are inevitable.
Since 2001 when people started using i Mode for business, Aimex is providing the barcode scanners which can be connected to the mobile phones.
Aimex released pen scanners “BR-430BT” equipped with bluetooth technology in 2005. Thereafter, linear image-type mobile 1D barcode scanners “BW-130BT”, “BW-130BT2”, “CM-500W3V-IP”, mobile 2D code scanner “BW-330BT” supporting reading of QR code etc. are also released successively. Aimex also supports barcode mobile solutions used in mobile phones and smart devices in substantial lineup.

Flexible response useful to the customer perspective


At Aimex, we provide flexible support of customization and factory settings support on customer requests such as “we want a shorter cable” or “we want ready to use shipment with all the user environment settings beforehand” etc.
We aim at providing products matching with the customer needs. However, customer usage environments can be of infinite varieties, therefore, all the needs cannot be covered by only ready-made standard specifications.
If customer wants any function or setting different from the ready-made specifications, please contact Aimex. We will offer proposal matching to the customer perspective after considering cost and scedule.