Data Terminal Business

Automatic Recognition Technology developed by Aimex over the years

In order to propose a wide range of applications of the Automatic Recognition Technology, we have focused on Terminal Development for past few years. Our main product is a small coupon ticket issuing terminal DC-002WL. It reads the barcode displayed on smart phones or mobile phones, and sends data to the server. Then, processes the data received from server as a reply and prints the result. The terminals look very simple, but they have to be small in size as installation sites are limited in size and they have to operate 24 hours stably. Communication environment varies depending on the installation site. Also, the resolution and brightness of the barcode displaying LCD varies according to the model of the mobile phone. The terminals have to read all the barcodes without fail.
We have solved all these complex problems one by one to come up with one terminal.
DC-002WL is a crown of Aimex’s Automatic Recognition Technology, Network Technology, and Embedded Technology. Currently, more than 5000 terminals are running in retail stores all over Japan.


In this way, Aimex not only develops our high quality value added terminals by Advanced Automatic Recognition Technology but also offers development under OEM/ODM contract. Please feel free to contact us.